On behalf of our team, Thank you for allowing us to be a part of creating a magical

holiday experience.

Nothing puts a damper on your holiday plans like climbing onto your rain soaked roof and carefully edging your way (don't look down!) across the treacherous, steep-pitched roof line and realizing that your old strand of lights does not work anymore. With busy weekends and short days, who has time to install lights!?!


We specialize in no hassle, worry free, complete turnkey, end-to-end holiday lighting services in Western Washington which includes design, installation, maintenance and take down,  for homes & commercial buildings.

Santa's    Sidekicks

the holidays are Coming!

Find out how you can get your lights installed for FREE.

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The easiest way to get your lights installed for free is to tell your friends!


Its as easy as sending a text, writing a review, or posting on social media. Your nieghbors will likely ask, just send them to our website, or give them our email address hello@santasidekicks.com



Here are some details:

• Post a picture and your favorite thing about working with Santa's Sidekicks to Instagram, Facebook.

•Use the hashtag #santassidekicks for a special promotion


Just make sure you make the post public and tag us in it!





Here's what you will get.


•  30 Likes = $10 off


•  New client referral- 10% off (each new family/friend that does work with us will earn you 10% off labor.

10 friends = FREE!


• Stock Photo- I have a Secret Santa (AKA a professional photographer) that I have hired. She will be searching Instagram for #santassidekicks for photo worthy homes for our website. If she reaches out and we use your photo for our site you will get your lights installed for 50%



Efficiency is built into everything we do. Do you have a group of friends in you neighborhood that want to get lights done? We love coming to a neighborhood and transforming the street into candy cane lane. Depending on the size of group we can offer a large group price.




Your neighbors are always looking for good help. We have heard nightmare stories of installation companies charging thousands of dollars or others who never show up. Giving a good word to neighbors will make you look like a hero, and if they mention your name you will get 20% off.


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